Saturday, July 14, 2012

starting out

Hi, I'm Serenity. I have lots of hobbies, but most of them revolve around cooking, baking, and clipping recipes out of magazines.  It's more like tearing them out actually, I usually like the whole page. The thought behind this blog is to finally make a dent on the ENORMOUS pile of recipes I have collected over the years. 
1 binder, 3 folders, 1 box, and some randoms.
The other catch is, I'm a gluten free vegetarian. So, I'm going to try to alter the recipes a little and see if I can make a great collection of standby dinner recipes.  Don't worry, I will always give credit where due! Most of my recipes come from Vegetarian Times, Whole Living, and Pinterest

My kitchen isn't anything special. It's just a tiny apartment kitchen with not enough storage space to hold anything. I also don't have any exceptional cooking skills besides the practice of cooking for myself all the time. So please follow me on this journey of delicious food, and most likely some awful tasting mistakes made by me!

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